Virtual Event. Coronovirus World. Empty Stage.

Hosting Virtual Events in a Coronavirus World

How do we rethink conferences and public speaking when pandemics like the coronavirus (COVID-19) take over the stage?

In 2020, we watched major conference events like Facebook’s F8 cancel over health concerns. Yet, its greatest strength was the live stream.

In times like these, event organizers and public speakers need to think outside of the box.

Knowing how to engage your audience with compelling stories on a virtual or web conference is, to be honest, the future we should all embrace. We are, after all, the video generation.

Virtual events and web conference speaker coaching

The show must go on

Coaching for virtual events and webinars

Zoom Video saw a 90% increase in software downloads in the month following the coronavirus outbreak. Those who master web conference software will be the face of the new virtual event.

What does it take to be a great speaker using videoconferencing software? Coach Stephanie Weaver offered her first online webinars long before webinar platforms had been built, and can coach you on effective speaking techniques if you’re presenting remotely. She has 7 years’ experience coaching almost exclusively via videoconference, in addition to utilizing online platforms herself since they became available. Storytelling is even more important, but you need to understand lighting, sound quality, eye contact, and body language. In addition, she can review and suggest changes to your slide deck to make them as impactful as possible on the small screen.

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