What makes a TED talk?

You might think it’s the length: 18 minutes.

You might think it’s the visuals: clever infographics or jaw-dropping props.

You might think it’s the staging: the TED talks iconic red circle carpet and black background.

In truth, it’s none of these… the reason TED talks are so powerful is that they tell one coherent story, often using strong visuals and props. But you can give a TED-style talk of any length, once you have the structure and hook for your individual story. You can master the TED talk presentation format.

What is your story?

For TEDx coaching client Viet (Jon) Nguyen of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, the story was about transporting audience members through a live exploration of our solar system.

Whether you have been invited to give a TEDx talk or just love the presentation style, I can teach you how to take your content and turn it into memorable storytelling—a powerful tool for your business without being a sales pitch.