Watch my TED-style clients shine

Stephanie Weaver has coached dozens of TED-style talkers, helping each find their unique story and style. Which of their videos speaks to you?

Richard Dreyfuss, Actor and Activist

TEDx Talk: Bring Back Civics

Activist and Academy Award©-winner Richard Dreyfuss makes a passionate plea for civics education, an idea worth spreading that’s more relevant today than ever before. With super-smart people, sometimes the biggest challenge as a coach is helping them sift through endless possibilities to create a tight script.

TEDx Talk: Collaboration

He was told in college he was a terrible writer. Now he’s the world’s best-selling business author. How do I know? I dove deep into his Amazon history and we worked hard to find stories he hadn’t shared before. Amazingly, he’d never talked about collaboration, despite having co-written more than 50 books.

Ken Blanchard, Author and Management Expert

Billie Jean King, Athlete and Active Aging Ambassador

TED-style Conference Talk:  Aging

Working with public figures has its own challenges, as they usually come with a management team. Being flexible, doing your homework on the celebrity, and collaborating with their handlers will still produce an effective talk, as evidenced by this inspiring sit-down interview with legendary tennis star and life-long activist Billie Jean King.