Great experiences are built

We live in an experience economy.

People are looking for memorable experiences and there’s no distinction where that experience takes place—the parking lot of the amusement park, the web page they’re viewing, or the TED talk before them.  Stephanie spent years analyzing, teaching, writing about, and building experiences in the non-profit sector.

Experienceology visitor experience clients

The foundations of Experienceology®

Stephanie has been creating experiences since 1990. She founded Experienceology® in 2004 to encompass her consulting work in the museum field.  Experienceology® is a process she created to fill a need to enhance and gauge viewer interactions. It builds returning visits by improving the user experience in 8 specific steps throughout a visit.

For nearly 15 years, leading museums, national parks, aquariums, libraries, and zoos hired Stephanie to conduct onsite reviews, train and coach staff members, improve the visitor experience, and manage their public messaging. Her book Creating Great Visitor Experiences is a business guide and a textbook used by leading college institutions, a best-seller in that field.

When Stephanie began coaching TEDx talks in 2011, she quickly realized that the very same process she used for creating museum exhibition content translated perfectly to the format of TED talks. Create a “big idea,” build your story around it, flesh out the details, choose supporting media like photographs, videos, or interactive elements. It’s what sets Stephanie apart from all other TEDx coaches: more than 25 years’ experience taking reams of content and paring it down to the essential, memorable elements.

Today, Experienceology® helps public speakers craft their own great audience experience.  Stephanie uses her deep expertise in storytelling and experience creation to train public speakers with a TEDx twist.

The next great experience begins with you.