Public speaker training: Find Your Story

Public Speaker Training:
Find Your Story

You have a big idea waiting to be hatched.

My job is to help you crack it.

People want to know the specifics about my TEDx public speaking training process. During our first meeting, I ask questions about your topic. What are you passionate about? What makes your face light up? It’s why I work using video conference training, so I can see your face. Once I know that, I work with you to develop a story spine or backbone, something we can build your speech or TED talk around.

It’s a personal and somewhat intuitive process, unique to each client. Because I’ve done this with dozens of TEDx public speakers, I’m efficient at honing in and being respectful of our time together on the training clock.

Once we have that story backbone, building a short TED talk or a long speech around it is the next step.

For marine biologist Dr. Wallace J. Nichols, the TEDx topic was about the neuroscience behind the impact of the ocean on humans.  But, the process of finding his story involved unlocking his favorite classic poem and finding its unique connection to marine conservation.

This is one of my all-time favorite TEDx talks, as it was the first time I asked a speaker to re-envision a subject and to tap deep inside and try something different.  We blended a technical subject with the poetic simplicity of e.e. cummings. My intuition said this TEDx talk would be great. Watch and see if you agree.

What are your public speaking goals?

My TED-style speakers all have one thing in common: a desire to deliver an engaging presentation. Story, speech writing, media, and stage presence are all presentation skills I cover with clients.  It all begins when we find your unique story nugget.

Most TEDx public speaking clients are looking for training in at least one of these areas:

  • Crafting a compelling story
  • Choosing powerful images
  • Mastering Keynote or PowerPoint
  • Honing your stage presence and presentation skills
  • Using rehearsal to your fullest advantage
  • Developing your authentic voice

Even though I have spoken around the world, I welcomed the opportunity to work with a professional speaking coach. Stephanie helped me create a coherent story about my scientific process, one that was relatable, humorous, and clear. I continue to use her process in creating new talks, and feel a renewed confidence in my abilities as a speaker. I highly recommend this professional investment!

You might need TEDx public speaking training if:

  • You’ve never given a keynote speech before
  • You’re nervous on-stage, have anxiety, or want to READ your talk
  • You speak all the time & think you might be in a rut
  • You use PowerPoint slides with bullets
  • You’re giving a TEDx talk & want to market yourself
  • You’ve applied to speak at a TEDx event & were declined
  • You present highly technical information