Media training:  Manage your message on TV and radio

Sound bites.

Your reputation hinges on your ability to block, bridge, and deliver key talking points succinctly in media interviews. Media training can help.

In television and radio, the window for delivering the message is shorter than a TED talk—even shorter when the environment turns adverse.

Stephanie is a media-trained and media-seasoned speaker in live television, livestream, podcast, and radio settings. As part of her work with clients she can provide media training like remote rehearsal experience for live interviews and brainstorm creative ways to showcase your message in a variety of media. At the client’s request she can review video from past presentations or appearances and help tighten your message.

As an author, she invested in media training to hone her message and make her media appearances as effective as possible. Let her share her knowledge with you!

Media training for public speakers with Stephanie Weaver

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