Speaker presentation skills coaching by Stephanie Weaver

Public speaking skills: Shine brightly

It’s the coach’s job to hone your public speaking skills, tame your nerves, & teach you how to deliver polished, dynamic, TED-style presentations.  Stephanie coaches everyone from CEOs to rocket scientists how to shine on stage.

Great public speaking skills and stand-out performances involve:

  • Knowing your story
  • Having a personal connection with the content
  • Focusing on a supportive listener
  • Holding the audience with your story, not your slides

A great speaker shines when he or she is authentic.

For clients Nuvi Mehta and Pepe Romero, the public speaking skill was integrating their musical talents into Mehta’s entire conversation:  a TEDx talk that I coached.  The performance reflected their ability to communicate together in both notes and words. When you watch this talk, imagine if Romero had just sat there silently until the end—as they had originally planned. Weaving performance elements through the TEDx talk contributed to their deserved standing ovation.