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Stephanie WeaverSpeaker Coach | Experienceology
Stephanie Weaver has coached public speakers since 2011. She was a coach and curator for TEDxSanDiego and organizes TED-style corporate events.

Stephanie Weaver has been speaking professionally since 1992 and coaching TED-style public speakers since 2011.

She was a program curator and speaker coach for TEDxSanDiego from 2011-2015. She’s coached over 50 TEDx or TED-style short-format talks, in addition to keynote presentations and longer talks.

She has organized and coached TED-style conference tracks for multiple corporate clients (including work under NDAs), where she oversees all speakers and provides consultation on staging, livestreaming, and recorded video production.

She has also presented keynote presentations and workshops across the country and internationally.

The process begins with a free 30-minute consultation (using video chat) to learn about your public speaking coaching needs and determine if we’re a good fit for each other.

When you fill out my contact form, my reply email covers my fee structure and payment options.

If you elect to work with me, I structure our sessions to get the maximum benefit from our time on the clock together. I am efficient at moving through this process, giving clients high value for their professional development investment.

I challenge you to find a topic that I can’t handle!

I’ve coached TED-style Talks on astrophysics, election methods, food insecurity, social justice, cybersecurity, music and the brain, neuroscience, longevity, AI, and the Internet of Things.

In my museum career I specialized in taking complex content—from experts with advanced degrees—and crafting engaging experiences for the public. In that realm I’ve covered topics as diverse as photosynthesis, the history of paper, Dia de los Muertos, Chicago architecture, edible plants, and the Dead Sea Scrolls.

You bring the content, I’ll help you find your talk.

Stephanie loves coaching, public speaking, informal video production, and recipe development. She regularly hosts cooking tutorials on live television and social media livestreams.

She is a certified Wellness and Health Coach (CWHC) and author of three books and multiple e-books.

Stephanie holds a Masters in Public Health with undergraduate studies covering film production, fashion, and architectural design.

Stephanie has written for The Huffington Post and  is the author of three books. Her most recent book debuted as a number-one seller in 5 Amazon categories in 2017. As an author, she regularly gives public talks and uses media to share her message.

Stephanie founded Experienceology in 2004 to enhance user interactions and returning visits by improving the user experience,  Her book Creating Great Visitor Experiences is a business guide and college text used by leading institutions in this area.

Through Experienceology, Stephanie has provided onsite reviews and staff coaching at locations around the U.S. at leading museums, national parks, aquariums, libraries, and zoos.

Now, Experienceology takes Stephanie’s deep expertise in storytelling and great experiences and provides public speaker coaching with a TEDx twist.

Creating great experiences… and presentations

At heart, I’m a hands-on teacher, whether I’m working with clients as a wellness and health coach, public speaking coach, writing, creating recipes, photographing food, or speaking to groups.

I worked in the museum field for more than twenty-five years, creating exhibition content and educational programs from reams of material provided by content experts. This was excellent background for my first book, Creating Great Visitor Experiences, and a great foundation for my speaker coaching practice.  As a consultant, I’ve spoken publicly all over the United States. For five years I was part of the curatorial team on a local TEDx event, and I’ve coached more than 50 speakers on TED-style talks.

I currently guide speakers who are scientists, artists, professors, entrepreneurs, CEOs, and public figures like Ken Blanchard, Richard Dreyfuss, and Billie Jean King.

I live in San Diego with my husband and our Golden retriever Daisy, who is part of the Golden Retriever Lifetime Health Study. I write and speak about what interests me: a wellness approach to migraines, meditation, healing, forgiveness, and food. Check out my healthy recipes and my latest book, The Migraine Relief Plan.

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